Le Scarf

Le Scarf is a Swedish fashion brand founded by Natalie Karlsson and Karin Bylund. Le Scarf creates timeless, classy and exclusive scarves for the modern women that works all year around with all kinds of garments and styles. The design has the minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic that can be matched with everything in your war… Read more

  • {"id":"171754-010","name":"Scarf No.1 90X90 White","brand":"Le Scarf","category":"Women/Accesories","variant":"ONESIZE","price":"96.00","productDiscount":"24.00","list":"Brand"}
    Scarf No.1 90X90 White ONESIZE 1 Scarf No.1 90X90 White ONESIZE 2
  • {"id":"171751-082","name":"Scarf No.15 Cappuchino 50x50 Beige","brand":"Le Scarf","category":"Women/Accesories","variant":"ONESIZE","price":"55.20","productDiscount":"13.80","list":"Brand"}
    Scarf No.15 Cappuchino 50x50 Beige ONESIZE 1 Scarf No.15 Cappuchino 50x50 Beige ONESIZE 2
  • {"id":"171752-022","name":"Scarf No.18 Navy 50x50 Blå","brand":"Le Scarf","category":"Women/Accesories","variant":"ONESIZE","price":"55.20","productDiscount":"13.80","list":"Brand"}
    Scarf No.18 Navy 50x50 Blå ONESIZE 1
  • {"id":"171755-082","name":"Scarf Paisley 50x50 Beige","brand":"Le Scarf","category":"Women/Accesories","variant":"ONESIZE","price":"55.20","productDiscount":"13.80","list":"Brand"}
    Scarf Paisley 50x50 Beige ONESIZE 1
  • {"id":"166577-918","name":"Scarf Silk 65 x 65 Svart/creme","brand":"Le Scarf","category":"Women/Accesories","variant":"ONESIZE","price":"72.00","productDiscount":"18.00","list":"Brand"}
    Scarf Silk 65 x 65 Svart/creme  1 Scarf Silk 65 x 65 Svart/creme  2