This summer, Wakakuu and our social initiative Be the Change are teaming up with The Perfect World Foundation and its ocean saving initiative #TheBlueBucket, with the aim to spread knowledge about, and collect as much as possible of the plastic that ends up in our oceans every year.

The Blue Bucket itself is both a symbol for the campaign to raise awareness of the problem with plastic pollution in our oceans, and a tool to collect plastic in. Each year, more than 8 billion kilos of plastic ends up in the oceans. 


The ocean is the largest ecosystem on the planet. Oceans cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface, produce more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe and are home to a majority of all biodiversity. Our oceans are fantastic but vulnerable so we need to take good care of them.

One of the reasons that plastic pollution is such a problem is that it doesn’t go away: Plastics are forever. Instead, plastic waste simply breaks down into ever-smaller particles, known as microplastics. Microplastics damage aquatic creatures, block digestive tracts, diminish the urge to eat, and alter feeding behavior, all of which reduce growth and reproductive output. Theis stomachs stuffed with plastic, some species starve and die.

Please join us in supporting this important initiative by donating directly on or Swish to number 90 03 880 (Sweden). 50 SEK/5€ will fund a volunteer to pick up 10 liters of plastic from the ocean. 

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The Wakakuu Blue Bucket is sold all summer in our store in Hovås, Gothenburg. Welcome in to Wakakuu High Fashion Store to buy a bucket and join us in collecting plastic from the ocean this summer and more importantly, to prevent it from getting there in the first place!

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The Perfect World Foundation is a Swedish non profit organisation working with wildlife and nature in crisis around the world. By increasing knowledge and spreading awareness, their aim is to create courage and preconditions for change.