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Confidentiality & Security

Secure pages
ll pages where you as a customer submit personal data in connection with purchases are so-called secure pages (encrypted transfer). Wakakuu uses certificates issued by GoDaddy. The certificate guarantees that the transfer is encrypted and it is that you as a visitor communicate with. You as a customer can check whether the website you are visiting is secure in the URL. URLs ordinarily start with http://, but on secure pages, they start instead with https:// where “s” stands for “secure”.

Secure payments
Wakakuu cooperates with DIBS AB for the acceptance of card and bank transfer payments. DIBS AB is a credit market company authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. All transfers of card information are encrypted. Note that Wakakuu does not store any credit card numbers – these are managed by DIBS AB. DIBS meets the requirements for PCI DSS. We use SSL encryption, which is the most common form of encryption, and is often used by banks.

Card Payments and 3D Secure
3D Secure is a technology developed by VISA for verifying that the person shopping with your card on the Internet is really you. The standard is also used by MasterCard. The technology means that when you use your card to buy products or services on the Internet, it is up to your card issuer or bank to identify you. The identification is made through a personal password or code you state at the time of the purchase. This is checked by the card company via a special security server via encrypted communication. You have chosen this password yourself, or it has been assigned by the bank which has issued the card. The advantage for you as a consumer of using a payment service on the Internet that offers 3D is that you get an opportunity to verify that you are the actual card holder, which entails a smaller risk that the card will be used fraudulently. You will recognize a 3D secure payment solution through VISA's brand, “Verified by VISA”, and MasterCard's brand, “SecureCode”. Note that 3D Secure works only if you have procured the service via your bank. 

We use cookies to facilitate your visit to Wakakuu Online Store; for example, to keep track of your products in your shopping basket. Wakakuu does not use cookies to store any personal information about you. If you do not want to accept cookies, your web browser can be set to automatically deny access to storage of cookies or to inform you every time a website requests to save a cookie.

Personal Data 
In order to be able to order products at Wakakuu Online, you must register as a customer by opening a user account. When you create this account, we ask for certain information, including your e-mail address. To be able to carry out a purchase and deliver the products, we will also request all information that is required for delivery.

Your personal data is collected so that we can provide the services you have requested; e.g., we use your e-mail address to send service related messages. An order completed at Wakakuu Online Store means that you approve our General Terms and Conditions and give your consent to the registration of your personal data and address in our customer register. 

Wakakuu is responsible for the processing of the personal data you as a customer submit to us. None of this information is submitted to third parties, but is used only by Wakakuu. Pursuant to PUL (the Swedish Personal Data Act), you are entitled to request information about the personal data processed about you in our customer register once per calendar year. If you want such an extract, you must send a written, signed request to us. Wakakuu/European Service Partner AB, 2 Billdalsvägen, 436 55 Hovås. If you want to be removed from the register, please contact Customer Service at or +46 31-754 48 39.