STAUD was founded by Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto in downtown LA in 2015. They started the brand with the idea that fashion shouldn't just empower women, it should be an accessibility. The brand designs a type of retro-esque style with a LA-vibe and they aim for creating designs that connect with women emotionally. They d… Read more
  • {"id":"200190","name":"Bag Soft Rey Tote Tan","brand":"Staud","category":"Women/Bags/Hand bags","variant":"ONESIZE","price":"3799","list":"Brand"}
  • {"id":"179359","name":"Bag Moon Svart","brand":"Staud","category":"Women/Bags/Hand bags","variant":"ONESIZE","price":"3799","list":"Brand"}
  • {"id":"179064","name":"Heeled Sandal Luca Tan","brand":"Staud","category":"Women/Shoes/Sandals \u0026 flip-flops","variant":"EUR 40","price":"4299","list":"Brand"}
  • {"id":"179092","name":"Sandal Chris Svart","brand":"Staud","category":"Women/Shoes/Sandals \u0026 flip-flops","variant":"EUR 40","price":"3299","list":"Brand"}
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