About Wakakuu

Wakakuu was founded in 2011 by Maria Tollemark and Anna-Maria Lundström-Törnblom. Together they have solid experience in both the fashion and the hotel industry. Their common denominator is their passion for fashion.

“Wakakuu is a combined web and showroom shop that sells hand-picked high quality high fashion. We love clothes, and we think that the feeling you get from wearing a beautiful garment gives you both energy and an extraordinary look.”

Wakakuu is owned by two partners, Provobis Holding AB and Maria Tollemark. Provobis Holding AB is a Gothenburg-based privately owned investment company operated by the Lundström family.

Maria Tollemark has more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. The last position she held was Brand Manager at a nationwide fashion chain. Her resume also includes positions such as Retail Manager and Purchasing Manager. Now she works as CEO and Purchasing Manager of Wakakuu.

Anna-Maria Lundström-Törnblom is a partner in and chairman of Wakakuu's Board of Directors. Anna-Maria has had many years of experience in the hotel industry and investments in Provobis Holding AB.

Wakakuu works only with the brands we consider to be best on the market today. In order for a product to be selected by Wakakuu, it must have more than a brand name. It must also have an identity that communicates the core values that are Wakakuu.

Each garment is a personal expression charged with our passion. It is the unique combination of the right garments that characterizes what Wakakuu is; a fashion experience and an extraordinary comprehensive concept.

We hope that you as a customer will feel good with us. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or opinions.

Kind regards,
Maria Tollemark & Anna Maria Lundström-Törnblom

If you have questions, please contact info@wakakuu.com