Wakakuu sends all orders by Posten AB. The normal delivery time is

Denmark: 2 to 5 days
Finland: 2 to 5 days
Norway: 4-9 days

There is greater purchase pressure than normal during bargain sales, which may lead to somewhat longer delivery time. Wakakuu is responsible for the transport risk, i.e. the risk that the product is damaged or gets lost during transportation from our warehouse to you. It is, in turn, you who bears the risk when you return a product to us. We work with fixed shipping charges and charge only one shipping charge per order. If Wakakuu cannot deliver within the agreed time, you will be notified immediately about the reason for the delay, and we will agree on a new delivery time. When a delivery is delayed, you are entitled to terminate the purchase free of charge. 

Parcel Post – Pick up the goods from the post distribution center. Unfortunately, we do not make any home deliveries. When you choose parcel post, we send your order to the distribution center closest to your delivery address. The cost of this delivery method is:

Denmark: 99 DKK
Finland: 9 EUR
Norway: 99 NOK

Notice is sent by SMS (you fill in your mobile number before you finalize your purchase). If a mobile number is not provided, notice of the order is given by letter. Once we have packed the product, you will receive delivery confirmation by e-mail with information about your shipment's package ID, which will give you an opportunity to track the product on Wakakuu under your profile. Valid identification and the notice or SMS must be presented upon picking up the shipment. Unfortunately, we do not make any deliveries to Greenland and the Faroe Islands.


Unclaimed shipments

Wakakuu charges SEK 200 per unclaimed package to cover our costs. If you have ordered a product and change your mind after we have sent your package, you must return the package or be charged SEK 200. You naturally get back what the product cost you, less any shipping charges. More information is available in Section 5 Right of Withdrawal/Returns in our Terms and Conditions of Purchase.