All revenues from the charity auctions will go to Barncancerfonden


  1. Place your bid in our chat.
  2. Minimum bid is +100 sek.
  3. You may place a maximum bid, we are bidding for you and raise + 100 sek each time. Maximum bid is the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the auction item.
  4. If you place a bid and is immediately outbid this is due to another customer placing a higher bid directly or via Maxumum bid.
  5. Placed bids are binding and there is no return on these items.
  6. Product size can be chosen as long as it is available in stock.
  7. After the auction is closed, the winner of the auction will get a bank account number by email to which the amount should be transfered within 3 days.
  8. The item is sent directly to the winner by mail free of charge.
  9. When the money is transferred to Barncancerfonden, this will be announced on our website and on social media.
  10. The bidding history will be available on this page.
  11. The auctions end exactly 20:00.

Bidding History