Wakakuu accepts the following payment methods:

1. Credit/debit card
2. Klarna invoice payment
3. Klarna account

1. Payment by credit card

Permitted payment cards are VISA, Mastercard and Maestro. Wakakuu does not charge card fees for this payment method. We use DIBS as a payment partner to ensure fast and secure handling of card and personal data and the amount is deducted directly from the card.

The transaction is via DIBS, an authorised gateway for payment, and they verify that the card is valid for purchases. To secure your information, all information is encrypted and sent with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, which ensures that the data is sent securely and cannot be read by third parties. The card number is never issued to anyone by Wakakuu.

Wakakuu uses 3D secure for card payments. 3D technology is a technical safety standard designed by VISA and Mastercard to reduce the risk of online fraud. This means that in addition to card details, the customer needs to enter a 3D secure password. DIBS meets the requirements for PCI DSS. Keep in mind that the 3D Secure service must be activated through your bank first.

2. Klarna Invoice

Wakakuu offers the opportunity for secure and easy payment via Klarna invoice and in instalments. You pay after you receive your goods and do not need to provide card details.

● Get your goods delivered first and pay later
● Invoice 14 days (free of charge)
● Ability to pay in instalments
● Download your invoices at

A fee of 0 DKK per purchase is added and if the payment is not received, a reminder fee of 100 DKK plus an interest rate of 8.05% will be added. All goods belong to Wakakuu until the amount is paid. Credit checks will be performed and information is retrieved to make an evaluation before purchase.

Klarnas terms and conditions are available at the checkout and must be accepted in order to make your purchase.

3. Klarna account

To use a more flexible payment method, you can choose to pay a smaller amount instead of the entire invoice amount at once. You pay an optional amount each month that must be at least 1/24 of the total amount (with a minimum of 89 DKK). You can then pay the full amount when you want, free of charge. With this method of payment, all your custom purchases will also be collected in one and the same account, even if you shop at different stores.
● Pay from 89 DKK per month or 1/24 of the total amount
● You get your goods delivered before you pay anything
● Gather all your purchases in one account and one invoice
● One administration fee, regardless of the number of purchases
● You can always choose to pay the full amount free of charge
● Buy now - pay at the end of next month

Standard example: For a total purchase of 10,000 DKK with 12 monthly instalments with a monthly administration fee of 39 DKK. and a variable annual interest rate of 22.70%, the monthly cost is 978 DKK and the total amount is 11,740: - The effective interest rate is 35.41%, overhead credit charge 1740 DKK.